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Computing and E Safety

In Computing we use digital tools across all areas of learning and additionally we spend time developing our Computer Science and ICT ability.

At Dorset Road Infant School we know the importance of helping to keep our learners safe online. As the digital world continues to develop we have to educate children on the potential dangers they may encounter and what to do if they have worries or concerns linked to online activities. We cover this through: our learning in Computing; assemblies and sessions in class. We also hold e-Safety workshops for parents to attend.

This brilliant acrostic was written to help remind us of the importance of e-Safety.

E safety is very useful when you’re online
S MART means you have to be sensible online
A ccepting emails might be dangerous if you’re not careful
F eelings might be part of the internet
T ell your parent if something has happened on the internet
E veryone must be safe online
Y es it’s ok to have fun but be you need to be safe!


Here are some useful websites to give you more information about cyber-bullying: