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Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team



Mrs R Haig

Head Teacher

Mrs D Oke Deputy Head Teacher / SENCo /
Safeguarding Lead / Year 1 Teacher

Business Administration



Mrs K Lang Administration Manager (Castlecombe)

 Teaching Staff



Mrs E Cernuto (maternity leave April 2019) Reception Teacher  / EYFS Lead /
Science and PE Lead
Miss H Freeman

Reception Teacher / Mathematics Lead /
Music Lead /RE Lead

Mrs C Inman Year 1 Teacher / Connected Curriculum Lead / Forest Schools & OPAL Lead
Mrs J Lowing Reception Teacher / PSHE Lead
Mrs D Oke Year 1 Teacher / Deputy Head Teacher / SENCo /
Safeguarding Lead
Miss P Woodhead Year 2 Teacher / English Lead

Support Staff



Mrs K Brennan Learning Support Assistant (Reception)
Mrs S Bridger Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Year 1)
Mrs J Dodson Learning Support Assistant (Year 1) /
SEN support (Year 1)
Miss J Jones Learning Support Assistant (Year 1 & 2)
Mrs S Lewis Learning Support Assistant (Year 2)
Mrs R Thorn-Maaoui 1-1 Support with named child (Year 2)

Midday Supervisors



Mrs N Gunaskera Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Lewis Midday Supervisor
Mrs D Nash Midday Supervisor
Mrs Thorn-Maaoui Midday Supervisor

Catering and Premises



Mr J Nihil
Mrs E Roberts