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Our Values

At Dorset Road Infant School we believe that children want to feel successful at school, and we understand that behaviour is a form of communication. We have created our School Values to represent positive learning behaviours that we would like all members of our school community to show, to ensure that the environment is one where everyone feels valued, respected and celebrated. The school is developing a nurturing approach by supporting all children to behave appropriately so that they feel safe, enabling them to learn and achieve to their full potential. ‚Äč

The Friendship Frog

Always attempts to build relationships

The Excellence Eagle

Strives for a healthy mind
and body

The Independent Insect

Understands change, does things for himself

The Persevering Penguin

Achieves his dreams and goals

The Respectful Racoon

Knows himself and respects others

The Tolerant Tortoise

Appreciates how we are
all different